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The old Twonk is getting rid of some old things and trying to fund more of her adventures, costumes, and, oh yeah, living. 

I love ‘em dearly, but I just have too many figures and toys and things to keep carting them around, so I am puttin’ them up for a little bit on Tumbly.

First off is a bunch of old Cardcaptors/ Cardcaptor Sakura toys.

Starting from the first image on down:

-Dolls: Sakura and Li Syaoran with confetti Syaoran: $5 or make an offer

-Cardcaptor Sakura Gashapon set one: includes Summer Sakura w/ Sunflowers, School Sakura and Kero, Cheer Sakura, Princess Sakura, and Pink Outfit Clow Card Sakura- $10 or make an offer

-Cardcaptor Sakura Gashapon set 2: includes Tomoyo and her laptop, Sakura and her chocolate heart, Tomoyo bust with Sakura doll, Tomoyo with her choir book, Sakura with her Clow wand, and Sakura and Tomoyo in a cake…thingie. - $10 or make an offer!

Keep in mind that gashapon/capsule figures are snap-together, so if they come to you in pieces, that’s normal!! They come out of the machines that way! :) You can glue them together if you like! 

I will ship anywhere, but give me a chance to figure out what it would cost if you are outside of the US. :) I figure I’ll ship by weight, so the gashapon sets will probably be around $5-$10. I will try to keep shipping as low as I can and am more than happy to combine shipping on things if you want more than one thing, or sell figures one by one. Just ask or offer!

If you are curious about other things I might have, check my tumblr or check tag “twonkie sells out”! 

Thanks for looking! 

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